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Vallum Associates is a diverse talent acquisition business offering strong holistic talent services across the Energy, Utilities & Commodities, Engineering, Public Services and Banking & Finance markets. 

We offer best-in-class talent solutions that are tailored to compliment the unique intricacies of the industries we work in, the clients we work with, and the ultimate purpose we are fulfilling; whether this is for a standalone need for fresh talent in the business, pipelining for key roles or building a new business unit.

Our dedicated sector consultants provide agile talent acquisition and transformation programmes on a retained or project basis.

Our associate consultancy approach means we have the industry-wide connections to deliver complete business growth solutions across Europe, Asia and America and the UAE.



Cutting Edge Talent Acquisition Solutions

Vallum Associates has extensive experience within the Energy, Utilities & Commodities, Engineering, Public Services and Banking and Banking & Finance sectors. Our in-house talent team has lived and breathed these industries for years, which means they can find the permanent and contract resources needed to support your company or project. Through our associate consultative approach, we can find the right skills for any hard-to-fill role that your business needs. Tapping into the experience and network of our wide range of internal and external consultants, we can find the right talent for your company.


Clients looking for more in-depth consultancy offering, please visit Secus Consulting for a full range of services to drive technology transformation and change programmes to suit your business needs



The two met common reasons for leaving one job for another in the UK are resignation or ‘other’. Not the result of redundancy, dismissal, the termination of temporary contracts, or for health, family or other personal reasons, this means that 67% of job movers were motivated by something else. I’m willing to bet that a large proportion of that 67% left because they

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There is a great deal of information available about IR35 from a large number of sources. This can be daunting for small and even medium sized businesses who don’t have the time or resources to wade through a huge amount of material. Time and again the query has come from Vallum’s contractors and clients: “‘What, in simple terms, do I

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