USA Team

Meet the consultants and back office teams that are Vallum’s USA Division.

Tom Baird,
Thomas Baird

US Regional Director

Tom has global experience in the recruitment market having worked across the UK, Middle East and the United States.

For the past 15 years, Tom has specialized in identifying the very best candidates within the Energy, Engineering & Professional Services sectors.

Tom has a comprehensive knowledge of the market stemming from his experiences across the board, having Co-Founded an award-winning Middle East recruitment consultancy before operating as US Director for a Renewable Energy recruitment agency.

Tom joins Vallum Associates as Country Director of our US Division, overseeing our five industry verticals in North America. 

TJ Hermans

Vice President

TJ is a trailblazer in the world of MEP/FP Engineering recruitment. With a remarkable background as a leader in the construction recruitment arena, TJ now brings his expertize and experience to the forefront as he leads the MEP/FP Engineering Department at Vallum Associates.

Under his guidance, TJ’s previous company soared to become the number one construction recruitment agency in the D.C. market. Now, TJ’s visionary approach and strategic insights are set to elevate Vallum Associates’ MEP/FP Engineering offerings. His commitment to empowering his team and fostering a collaborative environment ensures that every client receives personalized, tailor-made solutions that align with their goals.

Meet the Consultants

Our team of consultants are all specialists within their fields and would love to help you with your talent needs. 

Delaney Steele, MEP Recruitment
Delaney Steele

Principal Consultant

Delaney started Recruitment in January of 2022, focusing on Software Development initially and then expanding into a wide range of Tech roles. 

I played lacrosse in college – D2 at Wilmington University – and try to stay active in my free time. I love running, playing tennis (even though I’m no good) and going to the beach. I’m a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan as well and am very excited for the upcoming season!”

eric hessenbruch, enginerring recruitment, engineering jobs boston

Eric Hessenbruch

Principal Consultant

Eric Graduated from Bentley University in 2016 and started his career in Sales and management. From there, Eric spent several years working in Data Management and Cybersecurity software sales before transitioning to Recruitment for Engineering professionals around New England in 2021. 

I have 3 passports and try and go to visit my family in Europe at least once a year! When I’m not travelling or working I love to play golf at different courses

Shaun Littler

Shaun Littler

Principal Consultant

Shaun has been a recruiter since April 2019, working across the UK then US in Finance, Risk and Compliance within Financial Services. He relocated to Boston in August 2022 and has joined Vallum to build out the Project Finance, Structured Finance and Asset Management desk.

I’m pretty much obsessed with football (Soccer). I even met my wife through talking about Soccer on MSN Messenger (the younger audience may not remember that!) At 16 years old, I was shown crying on major UK TV channels because my team (Sheffield United) were relegated from the Premier League, and it still gets shown even to this day.”

Glenn dunne
Glenn Dunne


In May 2023,Glenn graduated from Quinnipiac University with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management. 

“while I was born in Boston I have lived most of my life in Dublin where I played Gaelic football for 15 years.”

Shelby Caldwell,

Shelby Caldwell


Shelby’s passions lie within non-profits and has worked for multiple non-profits in Memphis, TN. Ranging from hands-on lesson preparation and facilitation to back-office operations and the advancement of small organisations.

Shelby is interested in the advancement of clean energy in shaping our future and joined Vallum to sit with the Renewables team.

I’m from Charlotte, NC and went to school in Memphis, TN. My favourite things in the world are playing soccer, Skiing / being outdoors, travelling and spending quality time with my friends!

Back office

Moh Kalhoro

Operations Manager

The beating heart of our business and with over a decade industry experience, Moh is an expert in operations and providing the back office support that allows Vallum to provide the best service as possible.

Charlotte Burt, Recruitment Marketing, Recruitment Website

Charlotte Burt

Marketing Manager

With a background in marketing and merchandising, Charlotte’s aim is to assist in activating projects and opportunities allowing Vallum to reach out to new people and continue their dialogue within the market.

Eden Ashworth-Finn, recruitment marketing, recruitment social media

Eden Ashworth-finn

Marketing Assistant

Eden studied Creative Writing at university before graduating to pursue a career in Marketing. A content-creating whiz, Eden is helping the team produce valuable content around the markets they work in.

Cheryl Mann

Management Accountant

Cheryl has worked in the recruitment industry for over 10 years supporting recruitment agencies with the financial support they need.