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" There is no benefit in placing diverse talent if companies don't have environment to retain them "

We are working in partnership with Enolla Consulting to reduce the gaps between talent placement & talent retention.

Working Towards Net ZERO exclusion in the workplace

Together, Vallum Associates and Enolla Consulting support organisations with a three-step programme that will accomplish not only placing the right people but ensure that talent thrives and consequently stays

Vallum Associates helps match
companies with ideal candidates and facilitates seamless placements.

Enolla Consulting works with organisations to achieve a workplace culture that nurtures diverse talent and encourages them to thrive & stay.

The right company culture eliminates high “bounce rates” of talent, reduces constant hiring and encourages talent to stay.

Filling in the missing pieces:

If finding the right people to take your company forward is difficult but retaining them for more than a few years may be even harder.  It is in response to this dilemma Vallum Associates has formed a unique partnership with workplace inclusion specialists, Enolla Consulting.

Vallum’s role is to support you in identifying the right candidates at the right time; Enolla Consulting will work with you to ensure that yours is a culture in which people thrive and because they thrive, they stay for a long time. 

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