To make a change, you need to be the change find out what our partners have to say.

company Statement

As a Talent Acquisition company, our sector is particularly important for bridging the gap in employment, which has historically disenfranchised minorities within our society. As Recruiters, it is important that we use our position to ensure we’re delivering equal opportunities in employment and uplifting communities.

If we want to see the change we must be the change! Progression won’t work without looking introspectively and making sure that we hold ourselves accountable for the same equality and adaptation.

As a company which genuinely values diversity in terms of ethnicity, gender and identity, beliefs, sexuality, and social backgrounds. We have worked hard to create an inclusive and diverse workforce with employees from all walks of life. 

When starting Vallum Associates, our vision was to have a completely inclusive workplace, giving opportunities and guidance to support and encourage. 

We have created both the Vallum Academy and a highly diverse, skilled and qualified Board of Directors, specifically for mentoring and guidance.

We pride ourselves on having a rich and varied team who are able to better represent the diverse customers and clients we serve.

Michael Petrie


we are working hard to create a diverse and inclusive team environment for ourselves and our clients.

After all, we are nothing without each and every one of our employees


 Via our Chairman, Michael Petrie, we are proud to partner with key D, E & I companies that offer training for businesses looking to achieve their own D, E & I goals as well as our own internal training.

The Centre for Inclusive Leadership offers organisation training on D & I, whereas Truth Sayers assist companies with neurodivergent employees.


One team one dream attitude but understand that all our employees are individuals with individual needs and will try our hardest to accommodate these on a case-by-case basis. We want to nurture diversity even further and as a company, we offer benefits such as sponsorship to ensure people can reach their own goals.  


Everyone learns differently and has their own individual styles and needs. Whether you’re a recruit or have been here for years, our in-house trainer is here to nurture each individual to achieve their own potential at their pace and in their own way.

Additionally, we help people find the training courses or materials they need if they want to progress further in a different avenue.


We have a designated D & I council member who attends all our Social Club and Operations meetings with the aim to ensure that all our social events are inclusive to all and that the wider team’s voices are equally shared.  


We often work alongside companies wishing to create a more diverse team and as a result, we have a strong network and pipeline of diverse candidates. We offer blind CVs to ensure that companies are hiring without bias.

We prep all our candidates and clients throughout the recruitment process so that they feel comfortable with every step and can present their best selves.

Our Board

We have a diverse board and senior leadership team who have lived through their own experiences in business and offer mentorship to those seeking advice.

Our Partners

Helping companies with their on going inclusion journeys 

Providing Neurotech to enable companies to better understand their people.